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  • Doolittle, Hilda — llamada H.D. (10 sep. 1886, Bethlehem, Pa., EE.UU.–27 sep. 1961, Zurich, Suiza). Poetisa estadounidense. Doolittle viajó a Europa en 1911 y permaneció allí por el resto de su vida. Fue una de las primeras autoras imaginistas (ver
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  • Hilda Doolittle was born on 10 September 1881 in Bethlehem, Maryland (she died in 1961). For her education, she attended both Bryn Mawr University and the University if Pennsylvania. While at UPenn, Doolittle – or HD – met and befriended Ezra Pound and
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  • Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. An email has been sent to the person who requested the photo informing them that you have fulfilled their requestAll photos appear on this tab and here you can update the sort order of photos on memorials you
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  • Uploaded by ian frederick-rothwell on July 19, 2007Sea Rose by Hilda Doolittle. .Rose harsh rose marred and with stint of petals meagre flower thin sparse of leaf more
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  • Aldington was known best for his World War I poetry, the 1929 novel, Death of a Hero , and the controversy resulting from his 1955 Lawrence of Arabia : A Biographical Inquiry . His 1946 biography, Wellington , was awarded the James Tait Black
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  • New York: 1947. 1 page, 16mo, 11 lines. New York, Xmas Day, 1927. With the original mailing envelope. I have heard you are in town and would very much like to see you again....to discuss the second American Caravan.....Robert Frost....would also
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  • These pages are designed by Celena E. Kusch and Lara Vetter and maintained by the H.D. International Society, co-chairs Rebecca Walsh and Celena Kusch. Links to materials on imagists.org are provided with the permission of H. Hernandez
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  • The Flowering of the Rod contains the “tale of jars,” the narrative the poet writes on the Lady’s blank pages of the new. At the heart of the tale is the witty and dramatic confrontation between Kaspar, an Arab merchant soon to be one
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