Marie-Louis-Antoine-Gaston Boissier (15 August 1823 – 20 November 1908), French classical scholar , and secretary of the Académie française , was born at Nîmes .

The Roman monuments of his native town very early attracted Gaston Boissier to the study of ancient history . He made epigraphy his particular theme, and at the age of twenty-three became a professor of rhetoric at the University of Angoulême, where he lived and worked for ten years without further ambition. A travelling inspector of the university, however, happened to hear him lecture, and Boissier was called to Paris to be professor at the Lycée Charlemagne .

He began his literary career by a thesis on the poet Attius (1857) and a study on the life and work of Marcus Terentius Varro (1861). In 1861 he was made professor of Latin oratory at the Collège de France , and he became an active contributor to the Revue des deux mondes . In 1865 he published Cicéron et ses amis (Eng. trans. by AD Jones, 1897), which has enjoyed a success such as rarely falls to the lot of a work of erudition. In studying the manners of ancient Rome , Boissier had learned to re-create its society and to reproduce its characteristics with exquisite vivacity.

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Le Poète Attius: Étude sur la Tragédie Latine Pendant la.

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