Try Making a Naked Egg!         

Try Making a Naked Egg!         

There is definitely some truth in the old Chinese saying that one’s own farts always smell better than someone else’s emissions. I once nearly died (or felt very much like dying) when trapped in a car driven by someone who had emitted something terrifyingly mephitic but was so engrossed in conversation that he did not even notice. To be fair, it could also be my rather acute sense of smell, but I never rode with him in a car again.

The development of unsightly, fatty breasts in men is usually caused by conditions such as gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. Colloquially, such male breasts are often called “man boobs” but because that involved two words, some prefer to playfully shorten it to just “moobs”.

There are several grades of gynecomastia, depending on the breast swelling involved – the larger the potential brassiere size needed, the higher the grade.

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