The Second Century was the key time in which the non-canonical Biblical texts were established. It was also the era in which theologies which would become ‘orthodox’ in the third century were penned and defined. The significance, then, of dating the Akhmim fragment to the second century AD is huge. This work will be of great use to scholars of Second Temple Judaism, and those with an interest in the creation of the ideas that surround scholarship of the Bible.
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Read separately, these articles provide fascinating insights and revisions to established ideas on intertextuality between the Old/Hebrew Bible and the New Testament writings. Taken together, the collection presents a solid argument for the fundamental revision of our current hermeneutical practice in Biblical Studies.

in The Oxford Handbook of Sacramental Theology, edited by Han Boersma (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)
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The Apocalypse of Peter (translation by M. R. James)

The Akhmîm fragment of the Apocryphal Gospel of St. Peter.

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