Beginning in ancient times, humans sought to operate under the water. From simple submersibles to nuclear-powered underwater behemoths , humans have searched for a means to remain safely underwater to gain the advantage in warfare, resulting in the development of the submarine .It was first built in 1620.

The concept of underwater combat has roots deep in antiquity. There are images of men using hollow sticks to breathe underwater for hunting at the temples at Thebes, but the first known military use occurred during the siege of Syracuse (415 - 413 BC), where divers cleared obstructions, according to the History of the Peloponnesian War . At the siege of Tyre (332 BC) , Alexander the Great used divers, according to Aristotle . Later legends from Alexandria , Egypt from the 12th century AD, suggested that Alexander conducted reconnaissance , using a primitive submersible in the form of a diving bell , as depicted in a 16th-century Islamic painting .

two Greeks submerged and surfaced in the river Tagus near the City of Toledo several times in the presence of The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V , without getting wet and with the flame they carried in their hands still alight. [1] We Sail Off To War eBook: Jay Slater: Kindle Store

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