Taito Memories is a series of compilations, of Taito 's early arcade games , featuring a total of 100 titles. Between 2005 and 2007, five compilations have been released only in Japan for either the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable :

From these hundred titles, 24 with 5 titles not included in these series ( Colony 7 , The Electric Yo-Yo , Jungle Hunt , Tube It , and Zoo Keeper ) have been selected to compile Taito Legends , and 43 ones with Pop'n Pop (only title not included) to compile instead Taito Legends 2 for Western regions release, respectively in 2005 and 2006.

Taito Memories Pocket in particular also includes remakes of the titles Balloon Bomber , Cameltry , Crazy Balloon , and The Legend of Kage . The same compilation, with the addition of 6 titles not included ( Phoenix , Return of the Invaders , Space Chaser , Space Dungeon , Space Invaders , and Space Invaders Part II ), and with the exclusion of the game Rainbow Islands Extra , was released in the same year also for the Western regions as Taito Legends Power-Up .

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