Liverpool 2 nd May / London 9 th May / Sheffield 15th May / Newcastle 7th June/ Bristol 14th June / Belfast 21st June / Glasgow 28th June / Cardiff 5th July

Raymond Holden, a commentator on urban areas and cities, is delighted to be staging seven key events in 2018 that will focus upon strategies for neighbourhood and urban renewal in post-Brexit Britain. Despite the policy area of urban and neighbourhood renewal not featuring highly in the pre-Brexit referendum debate, areas of high social and economic deprivation in Britain will be some of the hardest hit neighbourhoods in a post-Brexit world. Deprived areas many of which ironically came out in favour of Brexit. The theme of the neighbourhood and urban  renewal seminar is supported by four important points:

In current Brexit policy developments, neighbourhood and urban renewal is hardly mentioned in any government working papers and press releases.

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Seminar ‘Neighbourhood and Urban Renewal in post-Brexit.

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