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The Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS - the Sorbonne French language and civilisation courses) depends on the Foundation Robert de Sorbon , a public utility foundation of private status regulated by the French Law of 4 July 1990 on the foundations. The purpose of this organization is to uphold the French culture around the world by teaching French civilization and French language as a foreign language. Created in 1919, The CCFS is a French foreign language school, or français langue étrangère (FLE).

Primarily attended by Americans, [ citation needed ] the CCFS regroups today nearly 130 nationalities with a prominent presence of Germans, Americans, Britons, Brazilians, Chinese, Swedes, Koreans, Spaniards, Japanese, Poles and Russians. About seven thousand students attend the institution each year.

According to its statutes, the CCFS is directed by a professor, an emeritus professor or a University lecturer. The current director of the courses is Mr. Pierre Brunel , Professor of comparative literature at the Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris IV) , member of the Institut Universitaire de France and the Deputy-Director is Mr. Jean-Louis de Boissieu , lecturer in the same University.

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