Besides direct control of another sentient's mind, Sith sorcerers were able to distort the Force perceptions of the Jedi by pretending to be followers of the light. This was done by creating a false light side aura , usually for the purpose of mingling with those who would have normally had a negative predisposition toward dark side adherents. Both Freedon Nadd and Darth Zannah were skilled in projecting false light side auras, the latter having learned the skill from the holocron of the former. Zannah displayed her cleverness with false auras of light while infiltrating the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in 990 BBY . [34]

Those who practiced Sith magic often believed themselves to be above reproach, and held no compunction about violating the sanctity of another sentient being's mind. [69] With Sith magic, a sorcerer was able to tamper with the memories of another. " Memory rubs ," as they were called, erased [1] or rewrote select recollections of any intended target. Sith initiate Kyp Durron learned to wipe memories from the spirit of Exar Kun, and with it violated scientist Qwi Xux so thoroughly that her mind had virtually become a blank slate. [11]

Holocrons were Force-activated teaching objects that held near-infinite amounts of information. Many sorcerers of the ancient Sith Empire fashioned their own holocrons to include the sum of their dark side knowledge. Those who specialized in particular aspects of Sith magic included only that area of ritual within their holocrons. Because of this, no complete repository of Sith magic was included in any one source. [1] Others recorded their knowledge in spellbooks and scrolls , hoping to ensure the continued availability of Sith magic's teachings throughout the generations. [70]

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