This is a review for Spice and Wolf 16, Isuna Hasekura’s penultimate book in the series, with illustrations by Juu Ayakura. As a direct follow-up to the 15th volume, this newest volume of Spice and Wolf–The Coin of the Sun II –ends the main story of this classic series in the best way. Originally published in Japan in February of 2011, Yen Press’s English edition was released in December of 2015.

Continuing from the cliffhanger of the previous novel, our main characters Lawrence and Holo once again find themselves getting involved in trouble. With the developments of the last volume, things had seemingly all fallen into place up until the last page–and the follow-up from that mood-changer certainly fuels the actions and developments of this book, with tension high for characters and readers both.

As usual, the translation quality that Yen’s team has done is wonderful here, explaining in-depth economics and politics in easy-to-understand ways without making you feel like you’re being patronized as a reader. Ayakura’s artwork is gorgeous too, illustrating important moments perfectly. If you’re a fan of light novels and looking for a more mature entry in a medium full of teen wish-fulfillment, Spice and Wolf is definitely recommended–and for existing fans, this novel is a crucial finale that does everything right.

Spice & Wolf Vol. 17: Epilogue - Light Novel Review Spice and Wolf, Vol. 17 - light novel.

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