Reverend Costinak attends St. John’s York Mills Anglican Church.  His previous degree was from Western Pentecostal Bible College.  He came to us with a rich background in pastoral ministry within the PAOC. His extended essay was on the problem of Holy War in the Old Testament.  While at Wycliffe Derwyn was a cantor in chapel, occasional choir member, and a founding member of the preaching club.  Derwyn, Wanda and their amazing two kids entertained us well at the annual Wycliffe Christmas party and fall retreat.  Derwyn was a strong choice among faculty for doctoral study but has decided to explore options for pastoral ministry.

Dr. Taylor added a few sentences about Derwyn’s pastoral contributions to Wycliffe, but it was off the cuff and I can’t remember well enough to guess… Customer reviews: Books For Kids: Derwyn s.

Books For Kids: Derwyn s Reckoning (KIDS FANTASY BOOKS 10.

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