**Editor Note : This article is extracted from Making Bookworms out of Teens: A Neverending Story. By May Chua and Norhashimah Azli. First published by IFLA 2014 Lyon.**

[email protected] was established in 2013 to reach out to youths in schools. The support of the Ministry of Education in Singapore helped the programme take root, and to date, we have 260 schools on board. [email protected] works closely with the schools to provide reading programmes for their students throughout the school term. A total of 28 reading programmes are available for schools to choose from. Schools get customised suites of programmes, based on their relevance to the school syllabus, students’ interest and how [email protected] can support the schools’ current reading initiatives to strengthen their reading culture.

The programmes are crafted by librarians, based on themes suggested by schools and current trends in young adult literature. Even though librarians take into account the schools’ academically-inclined requirements and suggestions, they also ensure that the content is delivered through more enjoyable elements such as games and interesting activities. The aim is to achieve an enjoyable learning experience that nurtures a love of reading. By creating a more relaxed setting for the activities, students are able to express themselves openly and actively participate in book-related discussions.

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