Rogue Moon is a short science fiction novel by American writer Algis Budrys , published in 1960. It was a 1961 Hugo Award nominee. A substantially cut version of the novel was originally published in F&SF ; this novella-length story was included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two , edited by Ben Bova . It was adapted into a radio drama by Yuri Rasovsky in 1979.

Rogue Moon is largely about the discovery and investigation of a large alien artifact found on the surface of the Moon . The object eventually kills its explorers in various ways—more specifically, investigators "die in their effort to penetrate an alien-built labyrinth where one wrong turn means instant death", [1] but their deaths slowly reveal the funhouse -like course humans must take in moving through it. [2]

Dr. Edward Hawks runs a top-secret project for the U.S. Navy , using the facilities of Continental Electronics to investigate a large, deadly alien artifact found on the Moon. Volunteers enter and explore it, but are inevitably killed for violating the unknown alien rules in force within the structure. Hawks "must continue to send duplicates into the artifact, however, because each one moves a little closer to finding a way through the alien labyrinth" [3] and, thus, closer to understanding what it is.

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