I found these ladies in a very interesting album of autochromes from the George Eastman House Museum  (founder of Kodak).

At 42 meters (92 feet) long and 1,200 tons in weight, lying in a bed of granite in Aswan, Egypt, the largest known ancient obelisk was commissioned by the the female pharaoh Hatshepsut, but it cracked while they were carving it out and subsequently abandoned.

Sad story:  You’re looking at a ‘bicycle graveyard’ on the outskirts of Hangzhou, China. Dizzying photos taken above the graveyard show thousands of perfectly good bicycles left to rust in an empty field outside of the busy city. The unloved bikes were seized by police after a popular government bike-sharing program was overrun by private tech companies.

Popular Government Magazine, Special Issue: Immigration.

Popular Government back issue: Vol. 67, No. 1, Fall 2001.

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