Notes extracted from the Newly Released files of German SS and Police Intercepts deciphered by British codebreakers. [Notes made by David Irving during research for the second volume of his Churchill's War .

W HAT IS surprising is that although every minute detail of SS and concentration camp operations is mirrored in these thousands of messages, preserved either in the original German, or in English translation (and sometimes in both) there is no reference whatever to mass killing operations by gas or any other method in the camps. Every other conceivable detail is however reflected in the signals, including a signal to Auschwitz commandant S.S. Sturmbannführer Rudolf Höss in September 1942 regretting that rubber truncheons are 'unobtainable in Breslau.' [GC&CS German Police report No. 41, 1942, Oct 5, 1942 (PRO file HW.16/6, part ii).]

On September 13, 1941 Kurt Daluege, Chef der Ordnungspolizei, sent the following message to the HSSuPf of the forces in Russia,

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