Wabco’s first experiments with fitting an elevating scraper to a model C Tournapull were conducted in 1962 when a Hancock type 216, 16 cubic yard elevating scraper was trialed behind a used C Tournapull. Results were so encouraging that the type was put into series production in 1963 as the model 222A.

These first machines sported a 290 horsepower GM 8V-71 engine and were rated at 21 cubic yards capacity. They retained the electric steering of the original C Tournapulls but incorporated hydraulic bowl lift and ejection functions. Electric motors powered the elevator. Transmission could be either a Fuller five-speed direct drive or a four-speed powershift Allison, depending on customer requirements.

A major revamp of the entire Wabco motor scraper line was undertaken in 1967 and one of the resulting machines was the model C222F elevating scraper (later known simply as the 222F).

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