Rocket League is nearly two years old, and in celebration of that, Psyonix is gearing up to release an Anniversary update during the week of the soccer-with-cars game's birthday—July 7.

Announced during the RLCS World Championship, the Anniversary update adds a bunch of free content, including a new arena, cars, and customizaton options. The new arena is called Champions Field, and it features a standard layout with a modern look. It'll be available in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches when it launches.

The two new Import Battle-Cars are Animus GP and Centio V17, and they both look rad—Centio V17 may actually pull me away from using Breakout. However, if I want to use either of these cars, I'm going to have to get lucky: both are only available as drops inside the new Overdrive Crates. 

animus gp vs centio v17

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