The Quality Assurance Manual can be used by national, state or local level health institutions to evaluate the quality of health services at service delivery sites, to determine whether they meet predetermined quality standards in order to be accredited.

The Quality Assurance Manual is designed to help assure the delivery of quality health services to clients through a process of continued quality improvement. The tool includes 1) an evaluation and accreditation instruction manual, with an introduction on accreditation and quality improvement and a guide on the use of the instrument; 2) a questionnaire for measuring the quality of health services, in MS Access for easy management, processing, and graphical viewing of the data; 3) a client satisfaction questionnaire; and 4) standards and descriptiors of quality by level.

Developed by:
Caja Nacional de Salud (Social Security health institution) of Bolivia and Management Sciences for Health in 1998, with funding from USAID.

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