Grundy Golem bought no appreciate. So, to turn out himself, he volunteered for a quest to discover the long-lost dragon, Stanley Steamer. at the means, he someway manages to unfastened a damsel in distress-- yet now not with out incurring the wrath of the ocean Hag within the method. And by way of avenging herself on Grundy, the ocean Hag won't ever supply up....

The way forward for Xanth is in frightful peril. a strong magical poultry named Ragna Roc has launched into a crusade to develop into absolute ruler of that mystical realm. those that swear loyalty to him are spared. the remainder are easily disappeared.

So strong are Ragna’s sorceries that even the great Magician Humfrey dares no longer confront him without delay. as a substitute he enlists Cyrus the Cyborg, a good-looking half-human playwright with little wisdom of the area, in a stealthy subterfuge. Cyrus needs to gather a troupe of touring gamers to draw Ragna’s curiosity. And hidden in cover one of the bevy of lovely younger actresses are the younger princesses, Melody, concord, and Rhythm, whose magics could simply be a fit for the evil bird. Golem in the Gears (The Magic of Xanth, Book 9.

Golem in the Gears (Xanth, 9) by Piers Anthony

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