When news reaches you that your dear friend Peter has gone missing, you set off at once to find him. Everyone told you not to go but you refused to heed their warnings. Peter had been traveling throughout Thailand and when you last heard from him, he was exploring a seemingly deserted Village, trying to figure out just what exactly had caused all the villagers to flee.

As you explore the environment of Peter’s Hut, you realize that Peter is not merely lost in the jungle. Rather, supernatural forces seem to be at work and the demonic werecreatures may very well have chosen Peter to serve has a human sacrifice. Now, you are his only hope of rescue.

To solve the thrilling mystery of this hidden object puzzle game, you will need to use your wits, logical reasoning, and all the bravery you can muster as you explore the abandoned village and ancient temples.

Secret Of Lost Mountain A Tale For Imaginations Of All.

Secret Of Lost Mountain A Tale For Imaginations Of All Ages

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