In Devil's Bargain, Jazz is at the end of her rope, no more money, no more partner, and even trying to find a bar where she can just go and drown her sorrows is not as easy as it sounds. She decides on a whim where she'll go to get enough whiskey to forget about everything, and that's when things get strange! As Jazz is minding her own business, a man comes into the bar - clearly he doesn't belong there at all - and he comes up to her asking her if she is indeed Jasmine Callender, he has something for her and was told he would find her in this bar at this time...

Devil’s Bargain isn’t what it seems when you only read the title. But it does have a great story with a mystery and some things that are difficult to explain. Two strong women are the main characters, and this made Devil’s Bargain even more enjoyable.

Things continue to be very strange, Lucia is having the same reaction to her offer of employment as Jazz has. They are both incredulous and thinking it is very strange that they have been offered something that is very difficult for them to turn down. For Jazz, that is the money; for Lucia, it is the ability to do something good and be her own boss. They have been offered $100K to start a private investigating firm together. They can work with other people, but they have to be partners. And when they receive a red letter, they have to take that job, by doing exactly what they are told.

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New Model Army - Devils Bargain

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