Today’s growing gaps due to big data and fast-paced changes in co-location data center environments can easily be overcome by designing a data center through modularity and object-oriented principles.

The problem is, data center owners usually do not have a good handle on exactly what they need in an EPMS system , and leave the decision makers to make software package decisions based solely on initial cost without giving enough thought to if the software is the right tool for the job. The correct tool will always yield a faster payback period than the incorrect one. Not to mention the increased savings gained by ease of scalability and reduction in human errors.

Many data centers don’t immediately see the benefits of a good design plan that includes a modular design and specification of the proper object oriented software tools. Like using a key as a blade to cut something, many data center operators find themselves wishing their shiny new EPMS would meet their needs better and provide more control and profitability. It’s always an expensive route to go back and rebuild your systems after the fact, so this usually isn’t an option.

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