A simple, stripped-down take on the tune, Garcia's buttery smooth vocals and Frankel's fluid finger-picking highlight the song's casual vibe, with this version standing in stark contrast to the rocking, electrified rendition the Dead would cut five years later.

"I was getting pretty good at finger-picking guitar, and we wanted to do a song that showcased my guitar and Jerry's singing, with nothing else recorded," Ken Frankel tells Rolling Stone Country of the tune now enshrined in the Grammy Hall of Fame. "Jerry and I loved this song, and felt that this clean version with one guitar and one voice would best allow the beauty of the song to come out."

Frankel says he and Garcia "loved playing music together, because we loved playing music," noting that their early performances retained a carefree attitude and provided their own mind-altering aspects. "Whether we were just playing for fun or preparing for a show, it never felt like we were rehearsing or working on anything; it felt like we were having pure enjoyment in the moment. Every time I played with Jerry, I felt high from our music."

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