March is almost over, and if you ask us, that’s madness. In fact, there’s lots of madness in the month of March. Case in point: we’re going to show you the “mad”est of the mad Disney characters. Why? Cause it’s March, of course. And what do we mean by mad? Well, mostly we’re defining it as maybe not the soundest of judgement. A little wacky, a little kooky, and a little much. Let’s say they took a left turn somewhere along the road. Just for fun, we’re going to rate these characters on the imaginary scale of madness. You might be asking yourself, is OMD a little mad? Probably. Like we said, March does that to us.

Captain Hook

Hook lives his life in fear of a Crocodile, is tormented by clocks, and his arch-nemeses are a group of kids. We feel like he creates conflict where there doesn’t have to be any. He gets a 6/10 on the madness scale.

Cruella De Vil

If only Cruella could have changed her vision and coveted coats made out of recycled plastic, she could’ve been a revolutionary. But alas, she wanted puppies and nothing else. We cannot endorse any part of that, Cruella. 8/10.

The Madman (Classics You Should Know) (Volume 71.

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